Fitness Firm Yoga and Pilates Studio

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Schedule & New Classes

Currently Updating Classes, Call For Pre-Registration 513.272.3196
Sessions by appointment only, Limited availability, 24 hour cancellation for all appointments
Monday:    9:00 am yoga
                 10:00 am open reformer*
                 5:00 pm open reformer*

Tuesday:    10:30 am Barre
                  3:00 pm advanced Tai Chi
                  4:00 pm Beginning Tai Chi
                  5:00 pm open reformer*
                  6:00 pm yoga

                   9:00 am yoga
                   9:00  am open reformer*
                   10:00 am open reformer*
                   5:00 pm open reformer*
                   6:00 pm Barre class

Thursday:      5:00 pm FREE YOGA class
                    5:00 pm Pilates Mat/Big Ball
                    6:00 pm Restorative yoga

Friday:          9:00 am yoga
                    10:00 am open reformer*

Saturday:      9:00 am yogi-cycle
                    10:00 am yoga 90 minute class
                    4:00 pm Barre

Sunday:         9:00 am yoga class
                    11:00 Barre Class

*5 person limit/ $25.00 class with pass
New times available please call the studio for the most recent updates  513-272-3196

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